Graphic Identity for The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival

Project: New graphic identity
Area: Design concept, branding
Client: The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival

The Gothenburg Dance & Theater Festival is an international biennal performing arts festival in Gothenburg that offers dance, theater and contemporary circus acts from some of the world's most prominent artists. The festival was founded in 1994 and has ever since grown and now shows performances at several institutions in central Gothenburg and the Gothenburg region.

The Gothenburg Dance & Theater Festival's previous identity was perceived as being introverted and exclusive. Our mission was to create a new identity that would be perceived as being unpretentious, joyful and progressive. The aim was to make the festival more inviting and attract a wider audience. Our assignment also included creating clear guidelines for communication.

The results could be seen immediatley. Thanks to a range of different initiatives, the new graphic profile and clearer and more joyful communication, the number of visitors increased from 2,000 to 8,000.

Web and web design made by Hoy Multimedia. 

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