Graphic Identity for Stora Teatern

Project: New graphic identity
Area: Design concept, branding
Client: Stora Teatern 

Stora Teatern (The Grand Theatre) in Gothenburg is an arena for music, theatre, dance and contemporary circus which aspires to become Scandinavia’s premier guest stage for the performing arts. Since its establishment in 1859, the theatre has entertained Gothenburgers for 150 years.
        The city’s Cultural Department took the lead in 2012, and the new stronghold of highbrow culture in Gothenburg is a building teeming with cultural diversity in all forms.

Our mission was to create an identity that is synonymous with Stora Teatern’s vision of being open and welcoming. The new graphic identity is inspired by the building itself, and signals a creative meeting place, with often unexpected experiences with artists from all over the world. The goal of our comprehensive work is to make culture more accessible and reach out to more people. The playful graphic expression shows that the theatre is a place for everyone with a focus on performing arts.

Web and web design made by Hoy Multimedia. 

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