Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft

For more than 100 years, Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft has been the place for design history at its finest. From fashion to ceramics dated back to the old Ming dynasty, Röhsska has shown us the beauty in contemporary design.

Röhsska Museum is the place for design in Gothenburg. They aim to show you what good design really is. When we started to work with the identity, we wanted to challenge the perception of what good design is, and why it sometimes feels like art and design are subjects available for the rich and educated.
        We had to redefine the logotype and started to play around with the famous Ö and incorporate colours and the other letters of the name. Just like our beliefs about design and art being for everyone, we also believe that the Röhsska logotype doesn’t have to be static or black and white.

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Graphic elements of the identity