Book design for ‘I Am a Woman’

As one of the leading young photographers during the early 90´s, Lotta Antonsson brought Swedish photography onto the contemporary art scene. This is her first book.

I am a Woman brings together a representative selection of Lotta Antonsson’s work from 2008–2016, and also functions as an introduction to ongoing projects. The book reflects her variety of expressions and focuses on the feminist perspectives that have been following her work throughout her career, such as the cultural expectations of women and the treatment of the female body as an object.
            Working with the design and editing of the book was an intimate process and collaboration with the artist. We focused on finding the rhythm and the flow in the narrative together, and letting the artwork have as much space as possible using images with full bleed and few or no graphic elements.

The book is published by Art & Theory.

Paper: Munken Kristall