A Film about Myrorna
Project: Myrorna – Film
Category: Art direction, Production
Client: Myrorna

Myrorna is a second-hand chain whose profits go to people who are in difficulty. In the summer of 2015 we began a long-term partnership where the goal was to enhance their profile, rejuvenate the target audience, increase reuse and create the conditions for occupational training and social work. 

This film for Myrorna is about recycling. It explains Myrornas mission, what they do and why you should buy second hand products. It’s a moving film for the website, Facebook and Instagram. Spread the word, spread the film and help us save the world. 
        Is it possible to describe a brand and a business concept with a dance? Sure it is. Just take a look at this film. It says it all, in a way that appeals to people’s emotions. 

Director: Emma Hvengaard
DOp: Ellen Kugelberg
DAncer: Nicole Tagliati